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Emergency Management Division

Emergency Management Division

Hurricane Guide 2018

The Emergency Management Division provides protection for the health, safety and welfare of the citizens of Brenham, particularly in times of disaster. This is accomplished through:

  • Effective contingency planning.
  • Coordination of local agencies
  • Education of the public
  • Provision of emergency information services
  • Renovating of Emergency Operation Center
  • Training of staff in disaster preparedness

The City's Emergency Management Division is responsible for coordinating all components of the emergency management system in the city. These include fire, police, public works, public utilities, volunteers and other groups contributing to the management of major emergencies or disasters. The EMC also works closely with county agencies and organizations, Emergency Medical Services, the Washington County Sheriff's Office and state agencies to coordinate emergency management services and to ensure the safety of all residents within the city and county.

Stay Informed with Citizen Alert Notifications:

CodeRED signup

Everbridge is used to better communicate to the public in the event of an emergency. This is an opt-in type communication system. for more information you can visit Emergency Communications. - Displays statewide conditions affecting travel. - Hurricane Evacuation Information


Family Flood Safety Brochure
Contraflow brochure for U.S. 290
 DPS' Traffic Management Plan, which includes Washington County.
In-depth guide for preparedness from FEMA.

Emergency Supplies Checklists:

Preparedness Checklist Emergency
Checklist for People with Mobility Problems
Family Disaster Supplies Kit
Emergency Food & Water Supplies

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